Building Extras

Westmount understands that it takes a variety of products to keep your property or store safe and neat in appearance. So if it is an ashtray, hand sanitizer or a sand or salt box for winter use. Maybe even a intelligent maintenance system is what you need. Westmount will work with you to ensure the solution you need.

Down below you will find direct links to our vendors, by clicking their logo/image it will take you directly to the specific product page of our vendor.

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Salt and Sand Bins
Window Squeegee
Washing Buckets
Hand Sanitizers/Dispensers

SOS Bins
Industrial Guardrails
Industrial Step Stands

SOS Bins
Soap Dispensers
Sink Accessories

SOS Bins
Industrial Step Stands

Glass Rescue
Stainless Steel Defender
Restoration Powder
Clear Armour

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