Win or Lose

April 24, 2017

While driving to work this morning, I was listening to my favorite talk radio and the announcer was going on and on about how and why the Oilers lost the first game of the 7 game series against the Sharks. Now I am the kind of person who is always skeptical about big sports events, hence I always pick the underdogs to win, possibly because the victory is always sweeter when that happens. Many Oiler fans would say they are not the underdogs in this series. I look at it as a Win or Lose situation.  Edmonton benefits from just having the chance of competing at this level, but we should not take it for granted that we will go further than the first series and bank our business on that fact, not speculation.

I can think of hundreds of businesses that will benefit from the awesome players we have and what they will bring to our city, Win or Lose. It is very exciting to see our city electrified by a sports team, right on down to the people who really cannot afford to spend any money on the celebration.  We all try to contribute to the cause and make our city a destination for many travelers. There are some very good examples of retailers who are cashing in on the post season and the Oiler organization is no exception.

To Luther and Brian Karnes along with Roy Lashley, who invented the car flags, Excellent idea! Marketing strategy: Oiler Orange Genius! Everyone now has two or three jerseys they can wear for any occasion and the wheelbarrows are full of cash.  Hope you are enjoying your cocktails overlooking your beach in the Caribbean.

Win or Lose – Edmonton wins. 

Win or Lose – The Bars are full and the cash registers are singing.
Win or Lose – Restaurants are full, owners and servers pockets are bulging with cash.
Win or Lose – Retailers are sprucing up their space in anticipation of the extra traffic the Oiler Games will bring.
Win or Lose – Charities will benefit when Rogers Place charges a nominal fee for you to go watch the oilers on the road at the biggest screen in any rink in the world. Not to mention all the booze, burgers and fries they will sell as well.

Win or Lose – Get out and Support your local retailers and charities and see how far we can take this series. Show everyone in Edmonton what it means to be proud of where we live and play.

Win or Lose – Edmonton wins.

Brian Wood

Over 40 years of retail experience. Managed and Merchandised for a large Grocery Chain for 22 years in the grocery sector. 13 years as an Area manager for third party merchandising and direct to store ordering company. 5 years in the liquor industry as an operations manager with a major Liquor store chain. This article is my own opinion on things that I observe or have observed throughout my career.

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