The Magic of Wire Shelving

Wire Rack Shelving to Meet Your Storage Needs

When it comes to a functional and effective work environment, organization is key. Storage solutions are critical to maintain this organization and the magic of wire shelving may be the key to organizational success. 

The Use of Wire Shelving

Wire shelving allows products to be displayed at best for your business needs. Its height adjustment flexibility, allows you to choose the amount of space you need for storage. 

Wire shelving is known to be the most versatile shelving, providing great storage solutions. It crosses many industries like healthcare facilities, retail locations, hotels and food services, due to its ability to stay clean and organized.

Common Uses For Wire Rack Shelving:

  • Small bin storage
  • Garage storage
  • Tools and parts storage
  • Bulk food or small appliance storage
  • Supply closet storage
  • Computer and electronic parts
  • Bakery and goods
  • Wine and beverages

Benefits of This Magical Wire Rack Shelving

Chrome wire shelving provides a range of benefits, that standard shelving does not. Wire shelving has height adjustments with increments of 1 inch, allowing perfect flexibility that will be needed for storage use and space. This type of shelving does not require tools for assembly, making it quick and easy to install.

The chrome finish is high quality making it rust resistant, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Because the shelving is a wire mesh pattern, it provides full transparency, making it easier to search products that are stored. Another benefit of wire shelving, it can be converted into a mobile cart with wheels (casters) or a stand alone wire shelving.

Wire Shelving is the perfect solution for a large variety of storage applications.

The Various Advantages of Wire Shelving:

1. Organization

For industries who have limited space, wire shelving is a great solution for organization and storage. This shelving can keep all products presentable and in order, with its 1 inch flexibility to best utilize the amount of the space needed. Wire shelving can allow you to personalize and expand your storage, such as adding more shelving, bins, and clip-ons.

Do you need bins to keep your storage organized?

Check out the 5S Lean System that will help provide organization tips on wire shelving!

2. Versatility

Wire shelving can be personalized to your business needs. They provide different multitude storage capabilities and features. One example of those features, the wire shelving can be converted into a mobile cart with wheels (casters).

3. Low-Maintenance

With wire shelves, their wires create a mesh pattern that becomes see through, allowing dust and debris to fall through. If something leaks or spills, it will drip through the wire pattern, making it easy to clean that won’t stain the shelving. Compared to wooden shelves, it gets scuffed, scratch, get stains, and requires re-sanding. Wire shelving will last longer due to its minimal maintenance, and tools are not required for assembly.

4. Cold Storage and Condensation

The key advantage with wire shelving is the application of placing them in cold storage or coolers, where wire shelving have ventilation that allows the cold air circulation to go through. There would be less condensation build ups on the shelves, because the condensed particles evaporate quickly, flowing back into the chilled air.

5. Affordable

If you’re trying to stay in budget with shelving, wire shelving is considered to be more budget friendly, than wooden shelving. Although they both have the same general functionality, wire shelves has more advantages.

6. Fire Proof

Wire shelving is metal, making them strong and durable. They are far more safer than wood and most likely survive a fire or a situation of similar nature. Because wood burns easily in an instant, metal would take an amount of time to spread the flames.

7. Great Capacity

Wire shelving can carry a huge amount of weight, based on capacity, the size of the unit and the amount of product to store. As a stationary unit, it can hold up to a maximum of 2,000 lbs, which is equal to the amount of carrying 2 grand pianos! 🎹 Once converted into a mobile cart with casters, it has a capacity of 400 – 500 lbs. This would be equivalent and perfect to lift an adult panda bear! 🐼

8. Transparent and High Visibility

Compared to wood shelving and cabinets, the wire shelving has high product visibility from the open mesh design, and low dust accumulation on the shelving. The visibility shows products in plain sight, still looking organized making it easier to identify products.

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