iSEE Store Innovations

Stay in Action. Stay in Business.

What’s in it for me with iSEE? 

Direct and enhance your sales with displays that will stay up longer, work harder and sell more to your company. With iSEE products, they will promote and supply more of your merchandise when space is maximized. Get the “wow-factor” from your customers and clients with creative displays.

Get the action. Stay in action and Stay in business with iSEE!

Down Below is Our Top iSEE Products For Display:

The Displayloc Difference

Get the vacuum-seal technology that ensures a sturdy reliable hold on glass or glass-like surfaces. Promote your products in action without slipping or falling.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Hassle-Free
• Easy Assembly
• Clean Retail Display
• Supports up to 50lbs
• Adjustable Orientations

Apex Quad

Used for smaller cooler doors and can hold up to 4 cans or bottle per rack. This particular product can carry wide or narrow sizes of bottles or cans.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Attention Grabber
• High-Impact Branding
• Easily Adjustable
• Connectable Displays
• Rattle and Noise-Free
• Multiple Display Orientations

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Apex Snack

This iSEE display is used for candy and snack products, with your beverages. It is perfect for cross-merchandising and to be used near the cold vault on cooler doors.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Cross-Merchandising
• Supports Up to 50lbs
• High-Impact Attraction
• Multiple Orientations
• Connectable and Adjustable
• Noise-Free
• Sturdy and Anti-Slipping

iSEE BucketBin

Showoff your products with a refreshing look and label your brand when promoting. The BucketBin can securely stick to mirrors and cooler doors. It hangs onto non-glass surfaces, and can alternatively promote candy and snacks.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Cross-Merchandising
• Reliable and Adjustable
• Eye-Catching
• Strong Signage Branding
• Alternative Product Promotion

Download The iSEE BucketBin Sell Sheet ⭳


Promote your beverages with the high-visibility cooler space PowerBar. It has a sleek look with individual product holders, which provides minimal shelf.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Dynamic Branding
• Easy Assembly
• Slim Design
• Sturdy and Stable
• Secure Hold of 50lbs
• Minimal Blockage

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The PowerHinge is a metal display holder that won’t slip, slide or fall. Similar to the PowerBar, with a unique suction cup design, to look integrated into the door. This will hang onto the hinge side of the door against the edge; acting as if it’s part of the door.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Maximum Packout
• Minimal Blockage
• Fits Standard Door Sizes
• Attaches Left and Right Hinges
• Strong Signage Promotion
• Powerful Hold
• Noise-Free

Download The PowerHinge Sell Sheet ⭳

iSEE MultiStack

The MultiStack is an easily adjustable fixture, that is more functional and a longer-lasting display. Great for showing off your products and stacking to minimize space in your area.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Easy Promotion
• Space Saver
• Strong Organization
• Keeps Product Raised
• Optimal Design with Flexibility
• Easy Signage to Arrange
• Tool-Free Assembly
• Premium Aesthetics

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