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Expand your Holiday Sales with Westmount!

It’s almost that time of year again! The Holiday Seasons are just around the corner! Question this. Is your business ready for Black Friday and the Christmas season? If not, be ahead on time to find solutions to stock and promote your merchandise for the holiday shopping season with Westmount! Westmount carries your posts and […]

Keep it Safe. Lock it Safe.

Everybody wants to provide a safe workplace for their employees, but do your employees have a safe place to put their valuable items? Instead of them carrying their valuables on them, leaving them in some back room creating a mess or getting distracted by their cell phone at the till; give them a great option […]

Start Immunizing Your Business 🤒

It’s almost that time of year again. The time of coughing, sneezing and unexpected sick days is arriving fast. As the flu season approaches, Westmount has gathered solutions to help you prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, through proper sanitation and promoting awareness. We carry hand sanitizer/soap dispensers and multiple signage options such as […]

Winter is Coming. Be Prepared. ❄️☃️

Be Prepared For The Upcoming Winter Season Many of us in business know that we always have to be one step ahead, and that’s why it’s important to prepare for the upcoming winter season now. Those of us who try to be proactive in our winter solutions can find it challenging to find products for […]

Mammoth Mini Pallets

SAVES BACKS  – using mammoth mini pallets to move and store products reduces lifting, twisting, and bending or the back. SAVES TIME  – makes moving of products easy and efficient. SAVES LIFTING  – used with an appropriate 2-wheel hand truck reduces double and triple handling of heavy and awkward loads. SAVES PRODUCTS  – by reducing […]

The Magik Frame

About Magik Frame The magik frame uses a proprietary adhesive strip that is highly durable and reusable. Use this sign holder over and over again on any smooth surface without leaving any messy residue behind. The magik frame comes stocked in standard sizes with custom branding options available. Simply remove protective layer from one side, […]