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Solutions to Hit Your Sales Target🏷

When it comes to retail, we know how important it is to drive sales and increase customer traffic. Promoting products with the correct marketing strategies and accessories, will reach your goal in sales at your company.

Partnering with Westmount, can provide those products and accessories such as price tags, racking, dump bins, carts and more! Our goal at Westmount is to ensure that businesses who deal with clients, feel that they are prepared, organized and achieve their end target.

We will help you achieve on elevating your professionalism, for customers to know that you are the best in business 😁  

Down below, we have listed down the key features that would be critical and important to use in your Home Furnishing’s and Appliance business, based on specific products.



Vinyl Pouch Sign Holders

Can be used indoor or outdoor on furniture displays. This clear protective sign holder will protect your pricing signs from dirt and moisture.


• Soft vinyl PVC sealed on three sides
• Opens at the top to load paper signs
• Holds signs up to 4.5″W x 5.5H

Two Fold With Magnetic Tape Sign Protector

This magnetic two fold sign protector can be easily attached to any racks and beam levels. Can be readable and allow scan bar codes to be visible for higher rack levels. The sign will also be protected from dirt and moisture.


• Attaches to metal racking with magnetic tape
• Protects and extends the life of your pallet rack signs 
• Made with high gloss PVC for durability and high impact resistance

T-Style, One Piece Sign Holder

The T-Style holders will hold your tags inside easily and protect from dust and dirt. You can place these signs on any flat surface to promote your goods.


• Signs slide in from the top
• Available in a wide range of sizes and in portrait or landscape formats 
• Heat folded 0.60″ PETG

L-Style, Angled, One Piece Sign Holder

Similar to the T-Style, but in a different configuration. It is on a angle to promote your signs, easy slide in and protects from dirt.


• Signs slide in from the side
• Available in a wide range of sizes in portrait or landscape formats 
• Heat folded 0.06″ PETG


Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder

Use the adjustable and engaging pallet sign in and around your store. The large, low-profile base helps secure the sign holder under pallets, crates, boxes and other displays in the store.


• Removable base plate with screw
• The arm can rotate in 90° positions
• Carries a two-fixed position hooks
• It is adjustable in height: 48-82″ H in 2″ increments


Pedestal Displays

Place your products in the spotlight with Pedestals. They are customizable in terms of both size and design. Pedestals are structure in simple components and panels that are attached by magnets. These displays are easy to assemble and gorgeous to exhibit on the sales floor.

Stocker Displays

A great way to show off your products is the stocker. These displays are customizable based on size, color, signage, and the amount of shelves needed. They are very functional, and have the option with double-sided shelving.



Furniture Carts

This heavy duty cart, allows to move large heavy loads, such as boxes of furniture, lumber, doors, furniture, and more. It has high steel sides, that has superior control over the cart itself and the load.


• Welded heavy duty steel tube material
• Durable and attractive powder coated finish
• Has a traditional 4 wheel design that will be easy to maneuver
• Fully welded side handles to secure loads

Hand Trucks

Provide your retail with hand trucks to move goods, boxed products, and more. They are easy to use and move without straining your back. Hand trucks are sturdy, light-weight, reliable and built to last.


Wide Span

Wide spans are made out of high-tensile steel and are used for light, medium or heavy loads. They serve as an attractive bulk display on the sales floor or can be used in the warehouse. Wide spans are flexible, cost effective and are easily configured.

Available in the sizes of:
4′, 6′ or 8′ long sections.


Couch Brackets

Display your couches, not only on the floor but also on the walls! Utilize these special brackets when retail space on the floor is maximized.


Reusable Pallets

Transport or display your heavy bulk using reusable pallets, in a stable fashion in your retail. Pallets can be used numerous times and can be lifted using a forklift, pallet jack, etc.



Dump Bins

Accessorize your store using dump bins to store, and display your merchandise with these easy configured bins. They come in various sizes and can be folded down flatly for easy storage.

Are available in colors:

• Chrome
• Black
• White


Wire Soft Goods Divider System

Arrange and present your merchandise using this convenient shelving system. Allows modification to organize and divide products based on your desire and wants.


• Easily adjustable with wire soft goods shelves
• The divider panels are hard sturdy gauge wire, welded at 3″
• Includes hardware for the secure dividers, the vertical divider bars and base shelf


Roll Goods Rack

This rolled goods rack, are designed to accommodate heavy rolled goods. Such as, polyethylene, vinyl and shading films, lightweight laminates, fabrics and more. It saves sales floor space, especially when it is maximized. Plus, they are provided with strength and stability in the long-term.



HDTV System

Have your flat screen TV’s displayed and presented by a wall mount. They are designed for “plug and play” installation. The HDTV systems are sturdy and are great set ups in the sales room, to catch customer eyes.


TV Mount For Crossbar

Complete your HDTV System with TV mounts, for extra strength to carry all of the TV screen’s weight, and display.


• VESA 50/75/100 compatible
• Load capacity is 50 lbs
• The bracket pivots to up tilt,
down tilt 8° or mount flat at 90°
• Crossbar can hold up to 36″ (914 mm) of TV’s
• Mounts onto any 1″x2″ (25 mm x 51 mm) crossbars


Sliding Door Kits

Sliding door kits (SDK), are ideal for secure displays or closed storage in the shelving run. They help promote fragile merchandise in cases, and has visibility by glass doors. These kits can have different backings, such as hardboard, pegboard and grid wall.


Mobile Security Cages

This specific cart keeps your products safe, secure and locked up while transporting. It carries a four sided enclosure that increases security with see-through visibility on all sides.


• Four sided enclosure, thus increasing security
• Units can be secured with pad locks
• Visibility on all four sides
• Heavy duty powder coated steel construction 8000405: Sheet Metal Construction, powder coated gray 8000449: Wire Metal Construction, power coated gray

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