Keep it Safe. Lock it Safe.

Everybody wants to provide a safe workplace for their employees, but do your employees have a safe place to put their valuable items? Instead of them carrying their valuables on them, leaving them in some back room creating a mess or getting distracted by their cell phone at the till; give them a great option […]

Start Immunizing Your Business 🤒

It’s almost that time of year again. The time of coughing, sneezing and unexpected sick days is arriving fast. As the flu season approaches, Westmount has gathered solutions to help you prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, through proper sanitation and promoting awareness. We carry hand sanitizer/soap dispensers and multiple signage options such as […]

Winter is Coming. Be Prepared. ❄️☃️

Be Prepared For The Upcoming Winter Season Many of us in business know that we always have to be one step ahead, and that’s why it’s important to prepare for the upcoming winter season now. Those of us who try to be proactive in our winter solutions can find it challenging to find products for […]

The Secrets Behind Cross-Merchandising

Merchandising 101: Ask yourself: Are you experiencing a dip in sales at your company? If so, Cross Merchandising may be the answer to boosting your sales. There are many techniques in merchandising to attract customers using displays and maximizing sales. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it may sound intimidating to try. Creating […]

Home Furnishing’s and Appliance Stores

Solutions to Hit Your Sales Target🏷 When it comes to retail, we know how important it is to drive sales and increase customer traffic. Promoting products with the correct marketing strategies and accessories, will reach your goal in sales at your company. Partnering with Westmount, can provide those products and accessories such as price tags, racking, […]

5S Lean Methodology

With Organization, Comes Empowerment. When it comes to storage and keeping business under control, most of the time, people tend to be inattentive or, as a matter of fact, lazy. Usually a workplace will become more and more disorganized over time, especially when employees and managers are busy. This becomes stressful for workers who need […]

Vintage View

New! Get Exquisite Wine Storage with VintageView! Stock up your wine to be secured, efficient, and stylish. We are very pleased and excited to announce our new partnership with VintageView Wine Storage Systems, known for being the leader of label-forward. They provide a wide collection of modern and unique configurations in storage and racking solutions […]

Creative Ways to Increase Store Sales

  Inspired by an article by Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender called “50 Ways to Increase Store Sales” in Retail News, here are a few simple ideas for ways of how to increase your store’s sales The first ten seconds a customer spends in your store can influence their tone for the entire visit; what […]

Queuing 101

We’ve all done it. We’ve all waited in line at some point in our lives. In fact, some say that people spend on average of 912 days (21888 Hours) waiting in line over a lifetime. We spend so much time waiting, but too often we forget about the system behind waiting in line until something […]

Picking the Ideal Entrance Mat

We all know that when dirt, water, mud and snow are tracked into a store it makes things messy, unappealing, slippery and dangerous. The right entrance mat can stop dirty floors in their tracks and avoid the maintenance costs of dirt and water entering your facility. High quality entrance mats are designed specifically to remove […]