Loss prevention & shrinkage have become two of the largest concerns in the retail market.

Westmount carries a large selection of strong & durable security devices including:

EAS Hard Tags and Labels:

  • innovative tagging solutions for AM, RF and MW technologies that are great for a wide array of products from high value jewelry and clothing to sporting goods and hardware.

Benefit Denial and Dummy Tags:

  • fluid ink tags deter shoplifters before they even attempt to steal and can work as a stand-alone security device or in conjunction with exisiting EAS systems or hard tags.
  • very economical and great for the cost-conscious retailer looking to begin a loss prevention program.

EAS Systems:

  • Westmount can provide products for both 2.0MHz (AM) and 8.2MHz (RF) pedestals as well as floor mat and embedded versions.
  • adapts to any system that you may currently have or we can custom design to your location.


  • complete line of accessories to compliment any EAS solution and retail selling environment including reusable hard tag detachers, soft tag deactivators, security lanyards and security pins.

These devices are  made of the highest quality material and will not be easily disarmed.  Although difficult for shoplifters, employees simply remove the tags with a detacher, which requires minimal time and effort to ensure a smooth transaction at the point of sale.



  • In the U.S., Shrinkage is a 40 Billion dollar industry and continues to grow as people find new ways to steal & re-sell items.
  • The average amount of merchandise stolen by customers in North Amercia is $747.00.
  • The two largest causes of shrinkage in the retail marketplace is through employee theft & customer theft.
  • The average retailer in North America has less than 25% of their “Top 50” merchandise protected, which means that there is definitely room for improvement in their loss prevention methods.
  • Research has proven that going from no security system to using an Electronic Article Survelliance (EAS) system can likely decrease shrinkage by 50-75%.

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