You Get What You Pay For

Sept. 26, 2016

Now here is a statement that we have all heard of. For as long as I can remember we still use this statement in our conversations with friends and colleagues at home and work in our day-to-day lives. Not to be confused with you pay before you get product. In my experience online buying is buyer beware, but if you see a picture of the product you are buying your item by looking at a picture of it then making your decision.

On my recent travel to Europe my wife and I wanted to explore a few countries on our own, so we decided to rely on websites like Expedia and Travelocity. I have booked travel before in North America using the comments and pictures from people who have stayed at resorts or hotels. We have had great success finding that special place or room that makes your travel experience great. What we found out by not using the comments chances are you will end up with that room you payed 300 bucks for and it gives you a great view of the garbage cans or employee entrance to the kitchen. Not one of our rooms in Italy was below expectations and one was on Elba Island overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was exceptional!! All because of the postings of people who have rated them as awesome.

I have often worried that we would show up and Captain Obvious would be waiting for me. “Love that Commercial”… One thing that I have noticed is the pictures that most places use are there grand opening condition pictures and when you get there things shall we say …are a bit outdated. What I like are the people who comment and take the time to post or write comments on the place or product you are buying. Firsthand experience of your location or product to me is always the best and it flushes out the ones that are less than standard, or the dreaded Time Share People.

In Retail the same standard applies. You get what you pay for if you can touch it or feel it or see it you have a sense of what you would pay for it. We also purchase based on consumer reviews if people like it they will tell you or you will hear about it this stands true for food…,appliances…,electronics…,clothes…,. Services are a different story all together and usually we have to have someone rate it based on good or bad experiences. So my message to all is to research what you are buying…. This is not hard to do with this wonderful tool we call the internet…  most if not all people or services will give you a reference to check them out.

If they don’t ….Well … You just may have Captain Obvious show up and tell you …..

You Get What You Pay For!!!

Brian Wood

Over 40 years of retail experience. Managed and Merchandised for a large Grocery Chain for 22 years in the grocery sector. 13 years as an Area manager for third party merchandising and direct to store ordering company. 5 years in the liquor industry as an operations manager with a major Liquor store chain. This article is my own opinion on things that I observe or have observed throughout my career.

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