Why Merchandise?

At Westmount we understand that one of the largest benefits to merchandising is the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition. Westmount has been assisting numerous retail channels with their merchandising for many years. In the market place, your brand and reputation is one of your most valuable assets.  Through effective merchandising, you can increase the exposure of your brand and boost sales, which is important for protecting and growing your market share.

There are numerous concepts a business owner can implement to their environment to ensure their consumer is a satisfied, loyal customer. Westmount understands both organizational merchandising as well asvisual merchandising.  We have your merchandising solutions with point of sales specific displays, creative shelving & gondolas, aisles end caps, specialty accessories, signage, & more!

According to Vision Craft’s ProTip Marketing, consider some statistics related to the importance of merchandising:

  • 20% of the consumer decision is based on logic and facts, while 80% is emotional (Click NZ study), which illustrates the importance of an attractive and well executed merchandising program.
  • 70% of decisions to buy are made while in a store (Mintel).
  • Full first impressions are formed in the first 10 seconds with 83% being sight, 11% being hearing, 3.5% being smell, 1.5% being  touch, 1% being taste (Debra Templar).
  • 90% of customers who are unhappy will not say anything directly to the service but will default immediately to competitors (JobMonkey.com survey).

Westmount Store Fixtures has an experienced staff when it comes to merchandising various businesses. Together, they elborated on 4 pivtol areas for you to consider when merchandising your business:

Point of Sales Management – Proven to increase sales when it is used effectively, constant change is important with point of sales merchandising to keep the store with a fresh appearance.  Westmount Store Fixtures can take you from concept through to implementation by providing our experience of design, production, distribution and implementation of our creative ideas.  Some fun products we have for the point of sales merchandising include our merchandising bowls, incredible nextrac system, and gift card spinners to add a touch of organization as well as merchandising opportunity.

Creative Shelving & Gondolas – Merchandising your shelving can have a huge impact on your business.  The best level on a shelf, to drive sales, is slightly below eye or shoulder height; this is where your eyes are naturally drawn to.  One smart idea when merchandising your shelves is to create a “vertical block” with colour.  Colour is the first thing the customer sees and is often what makes them stop to take a closer look.  Westmount Store Fixtures has a wide array of wall and gondola shelving solutions that can assist you to create the perfect atmosphere in your location.

End Caps for Your Aisles – End Caps are a prime merchandising location as these are what your consumer sees first when they are standing at the front or back of your store.  Products need to be organized in such a way to  stimulate the senses while capturing the attention of the consumer.  One way that Westmount Store Fixtures creates a captivating end cap for your aisles is through lighting.  The Lumiback Panels and Lumishelf can literally “light up” your product and create an eye-catching display that draws your customer in.

Specialty Accessories and Signage – Organizational accessories such as hooks, tags, baskets, and others, along with our creative signage are a winning combination for your business. Let your creativity and inner designer unfold and we will be here to support you along the way!

Westmount Store Fixtures wants to help your business become as successful as possible and — as noted above — merchandising is crucial to a healthy, thriving business. 

Contact us to discuss merchandising solutions that will work for you.