Owning Versus Renting Mats

The most common objection that customers give to the purchase of matting is that they rent their mats.  Rental mats seem to provide an obvious convenience factor for the customer, however there are limitations and hidden costs to consider that only purchasing can resolve.

  • Rental mats provide a limited range of sizes and colours, where as purchased mats come in a wide range of colours and can be custom cut to your location.
  • Rental mats are light weight mats that are designed to go into industrial washing machines. This makes them prone to curling and cause trip hazards.
  • Rental mats are usually only wiper mats and can’t catch large debris like a scrapper mat.
  • Purchased mats are often thicker and tougher, absorbing more dirt and water
  • The cost of purchasing a mat is often a fraction of what it costs to rent a mat over the same lifespan, plus its a harder working mat.

Therefore Why Own a Mat?

  1. More cost effective
  2. More aesthetically pleasing because they can be fitted to your specific application
  3. Superior quality and absorb more moisture than rental mats
  4. More options for floor protection

Owning your own mat which can be customized to your needs is an overall better solution!