Mobility is Key

The world moves and changes faster than it ever has before, which makes mobility & flexibility a key success factor. By being mobile, you can move to where your customers are and you can easily adjust capacity and change with demand and with the seasons.

By being mobile you can:

Change layouts as needed

  • Adjust for seasonality by simply rolling displays into place and storing unused ones
  • Increase the number of customers your business can handle by setting up additional tills.
  • Change your product mix by switching between shelves, rails, hooks and baskets
  • Set up temporary stations for various events, such as presentation booths or complementary gift wrapping areas.

Reduce the cost and time to move travelling venues

  • Fixtures with wheels are quick to load and offload
  • Collapsible fixtures are compact and inexpesive to transport

Adjust capacity by setting up temporary venues

  • Mobile shelving, clothing racks and carts can be used to display additional products
  • Portable stanchions, signs, carts and temporary counters can be used to serve additional customers

Westmount offers a number of product solutions to adapt your mobility capacity:



Carts make for a great mobile work station and can easily be used as a portable check out, meet & greet centre, customer service station, receiving desk, or any other mvoeable work station. Browse our Material Handling Carts Catalogue to see the wide selection available.


Portable Stanchions and Signs

Light-weight yet sturdy, stanchions and signs assist in directing patrons and creating a effective & welcoming queue for services or checkouts. Merchandise your queue with various accessories to optimize your retail space and maximize your sales per square foot.


Collapseable Garment Racks

Garment racks are great for adding display capacity and can be used in very innovative ways, from selling seasonal feature products to pop-up events to running charitable donation drives. Some rack models are nesting or collapseable so they can be transported and stored in a compact fashion.


Mobile Displays

One of the first questions we ask our vendors when they have a new display is “Does it have wheels?”. Four-way merchandisers, grid displays, spinners, trial-size bin displays and many more products can help your business mobilize in variety of ways.