Memorable Community Facilities

Everyone has memories of their local communities where they grew up. Maybe it was the park where all the kids met to play hide and seek or the local library where you found adventures through books and reading programs. Perhaps it was the local pool where you created best friends splashing & laughing in the pool, or memories from your local recreation centre where you learned team work through intramurals.

Shared facilities are central to the function & spirit of community, which is why it is important to ensure these “spaces” are transformed into  memorable “places”.

According to “Community Toolbox”, the top 10 reasons to improve community parks & recreation facilities:

  1. Good facilities contribute to the general quality of life in the community. A community with good parks and other facilities is a pleasant and sociable place to live, with a lively outdoor and cultural life.  Residents spend more time in the community, and therefore are more familiar with one another, and contribute to a sense of community.
  2. Good facilities provide exposure to and opportunities for a wide variety of intellectual, cultural, and physical activities. For many citizens, affordable and accessible community facilities have been their introduction to art, a variety of musical styles, the world of books, organized sports, hiking, skating, and any number of other pursuits.  People of low income, particularly youth, may have little other chance for these experiences.
  3. Good facilities can instill a sense of ownership and community pride in residents. A neighborhood or community rich in the opportunities that community facilities can provide is experienced as a good place to live, and engenders pride of place in residents.  As a result, they may be more likely to pay attention to the maintenance of the community – keeping it clean and free of vandalism, supporting community events, and generally helping to create a vibrant and satisfying living environment.
  4. Good facilities can provide services that help everyone. Public transportation, for instance, can ease the stress of commuting, eliminate air pollution, reduce traffic, and conserve energy.  Libraries and museums can enhance the intellectual life of community residents, and expose them to many points of view and ways of looking at the world.
  5. Good facilities can help prevent crime and other antisocial behavior. Community facilities can present children and youth, for instance, with places to go and activities to participate in – sports, arts programs, learning and enrichment, etc. – that act as healthy alternatives.
  6. Good facilities can increase the level of fairness and equity in a community. When all residents have access to facilities that make life better and more pleasant, regardless of their socio-economic status, communities take a step toward greater equity.
  7. Good facilities can help to attract new residents.  People are more likely to move to communities with well-kept parks, lively cultural institutions, good schools, and efficient public transportation.
  8. Good facilities can improve the economic climate and prospects of the community, by attracting business and tourism. Businesses want to locate in communities with good facilities for the same reasons that individuals do.  It helps them attract and keep the best employees, and also tells them something about the management and self-respect of the community.  More business means more and better jobs, a higher tax base, and a healthier local economy.
  9. Good facilities can make the community more attractive physically. Well-designed parks and buildings, and well-restored historic sites, especially when they’re part of a comprehensive community plan, can add greatly to the pleasant atmosphere of a community.
  10. Good facilities can provide gathering places that improve the social character of community life. Parks, plazas, the courtyards or steps of public buildings, even well-designed bus stations, can serve to increase residents’ interaction with one another and create a greater sense of community that reaches across community sectors.

Westmount Store Fixtures can provide solutions needed to update your facilities and ensure there is a high quality, memorable location for each community.  We have the knowledge, products, and services to ensure that your facility is in the best shape possible.