Mammoth Mini Pallets


  • SAVES BACKS  – using mammoth mini pallets to move and store products reduces lifting, twisting, and bending or the back.
  • SAVES TIME  – makes moving of products easy and efficient.
  • SAVES LIFTING  – used with an appropriate 2-wheel hand truck reduces double and triple handling of heavy and awkward loads.
  • SAVES PRODUCTS  – by reducing handling and providing a safer way to move products, mini pallets reduce the risk of breakages.


  • Looks Professional – Raises products off the floor with a sleek appearance. No splinters or nails.
  • Small Footprint – Big Impact – Single case stacks have small footprint while having big impact on impulse sales in your aisles and checkouts.
  • Stay Organised – Avoid mixed skids and maintain and reorganize your store with ease with individual mobile pallets for each product.
  • Easy Floor Cleaning – Raised product makes mopping and sweeping simpler and easy to more pallets makes waxing much easier.

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  • Recycled – made from 100% post consumer waste.
  • Recyclable– 100% recyclable.
  • Forest and Eco Friendly – 100% recycled content.
  • Stackable – pallets nest onto one another resulting in space-savings and safe storage.
  • Lightweight – approximately 1 kg. per pallet for ease of physical handling.
  • Cleanable – readily steam cleaned or water washed.
  • Reusable – high – density polyethylene construction resists damage and extends service life.
  • Weather-tough – withstands heat and cold, rain or snow for indoor, outdoor, and cooler/freezer storage.
  • Inert – to most solvents, harsh chemicals, mildew, mold, insects, other pests.
  • Durable – strong 1-piece molded design.
  • Versatile – compatible with 95% of hand trucks.
  • Engineered Design – T-Beam waffle design minimizes load shifting and sliding, adds high dimensional stability resulting in extra ordinary strength.