July 25, 2016

Throughout our daily lives we all follow instructions of some sort. Instructions if read and used properly can make your task or build go very well. For some of us we think that instructions are just there for the pictures… yes it’s true we have all done that haven’t we? Some instructions are vague to say the least. Some instructions are step-by-step, but you always skip a few because your eyes are telling you one thing because you can see the picture and your brain is telling you “Read the damn instructions you dummy!”…… Oh then there are instructions over the phone …next to impossible … send me a picture.. Many thanks for today’s phones….

Or check out U-Tube it’s got lots of instructions. Type in “how to mud drywall” and you will get a 1000 different ways to do it. Seriously everyone can be a professional with instructions right?….. Wrong….. Instructions are made specifically to help you put together or understand how something works. If you don’t read the instructions carefully and understand, them you could ruin whatever you are trying to do or you are going to have left over parts that you think they just put them in there or maybe it’s a spare part just in case you need it. Don’t think so because if they did that on everything the cost of you manufacturing the item would not be cost effective.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you did not need instructions? I have resolved to the fact that, if we didn’t have instructions in life, we would be basically hooped, especially when your better half is giving you specific instructions!!!

Have a wonderful week and think twice about following instructions.

Brian Wood

Over 40 years of retail experience. Managed and Merchandised for a large Grocery Chain for 22 years in the grocery sector. 13 years as an Area manager for third party merchandising and direct to store ordering company. 5 years in the liquor industry as an operations manager with a major Liquor store chain. This article is my own opinion on things that I observe or have observed throughout my career.

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