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We know how hard it is to maintain glass to be squeaky clean, clear and transparent. It can be troublesome for everyone. Especially with traces of fingerprints, stains, corrosion, and other pollutants. At most times, even using a hazardous chemical agent such as a bleach, can be dangerous to use on surfaces and the environment.

This drives people into buying more and more chemical products which becomes very pricey and harmful to their surroundings. However, at Westmount, we have an easier, safe and beneficial solution for you to keep your glass clean, using Diamon-Fusion Glass Protection.

What is The Purpose of Diamon-Fusion?

First impressions are everything, especially for businesses. Diamon-Fusion is a protective coat that transforms plain ordinary glass or silica-based surface, into a high-performing and water-repellent surface. It creates an ultra-thin invisible barrier that protects surfaces from smears. Surfaces are easier to maintain, enhance their natural beauty and provide long-term sustainability. Like a non-stick cooking sheet, DFI coating makes glass easier and simpler to clean.

How Does Diamon-Fusion Work?

Glass contains thousands of microscopic peaks and valleys, making it easier for dirt, water and mineral contaminants to penetrate the surface. This results in hard water stains and corrosion, which is dissatisfying. With Diamon-Fusion, it fills the pores (chemically bonding the surface), creating a high-performing invisible barrier to prevent any damage and stains. It is 100% optically clear and transparent, odor-free and low maintenance.

One Application Yields Multiple Benefits:

1. Reduces Cleaning and Labour Costs

>> Reduces cleaning cycles by up to 90% and dramatically reduces labor costs associated with building maintenance

>> Eliminates mold and mildew buildup, resulting in less use of harsh chemicals

>> 10x scratch and stain resistant, over untreated surfaces

2. Employee Health Benefits and Wellness

>> Reduces exertion of body energy, preventing less stress and strain

>> Eliminates harsh reactive cleaning agents, and no fumes to inhale. Odor-free and no intoxication.

>> Decreases heavy cleaning and labor

3. LEED Certified and Eco-Friendly

>> Adds points to LEED Certification

>> Energy and Atmosphere: Renewable Energy Production

>> No need for harsh chemicals, only requires water and a microfiber cloth

>> Hypo-Allergenic and Eco-friendly

4. Increases Performance and Durability

>> Surface strength increases to assist against potential scratching and deterioration

>> UV resistant; 10x stronger in deflection and graffiti proof

>> Optimizes building energy efficiency with 15 Year Commercial Warranty

5. Fast Application

>> No disturbance in business

>> Can be used after any installation or at any time, easy and quick to clean rooms

>> No cure time. Once the protective coating is applied, benefit can be noticed immediately and effectively

6. Enhances Appearance

>> More satisfied building owners and higher occupancy rates

>> Protection against wear and tear

>> Improves brilliance and clarity by 20%

7. Reduces Health Risks

>> Diamon-Fusion is hypoallergenic, resists against body oil and finger prints

>> Prevents the transfer of germs and viruses

>> Maintains a clean and sanitized area on glass and other surfaces

8. Saves On Replacement

>> Midigates post assembly/construction and transportation damage

>> Protects value of investment and reduces spending money to replace

>> Extended life for restored glass

Does Diamon-Fusion Only Work On Glass?

In short answer. No.

Diamon-Fusion works well with most silica-based surfaces such as glass (railings, showers, windshields, exterior glazing, office walls, storefront entrances, tabletops, pool fencing and more), ceramic tile, granite, porcelain and quartz.

Down below is where DFI can be applied with one coating on many surfaces:

Glass Railing and Stairs

Glass Doors, Vestibules and Entrance Ways

Display Cases

Glass, Tile, Porcelain and Granite Counters

Exterior Windows and Curtain Walls

Patio and Deck Glass

Mirrors, Ceramics, Tiles and Porcelains

Cooler Doors

Interior Windows and Store Fronts

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