A Mammoth Invention

June 6, 2016 We have found an excellent floor saver for your store. I experienced the issue of a sales floor, which had just been waxed so shiny you could see yourself, where whoever prepped the floor didn’t move the end displays and left a cardboard displayer on the floor. We were then at their […]

Critique Your Business

May 30, 2016 When was the last time you critiqued your own business? If you are not doing this on a daily basis you may not be capturing the true meaning of customer service or merchandising appeal. The best way of finding out how you operate is by doing an audit on your facility. Have […]

Where Are the Goats on the Roof?

May 24, 2016 Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver Island with my other half. It was our 35th Anniversary and we thought we would go to one of my favorite places in Coombs B.C., a little place called” Goats on the Roof”. Most of us know of this place, as it […]


May 9, 2016 What a terrible tragedy that unfolded in Fort McMurray last week. The damage sustained and the all of the people that will be affected over the years to come is devastating to say the least. Wildfire is in my opinion the worst disaster that can happen to anyone. We all need to […]

Lines, Lines, Everywhere There Are Line ups

May 5, 2016 Line ups! What a great topic to discuss ……. Now we all hate to line up everywhere we go, right? I know your answer is yes. Just give me one person that will tell you they love to line up for a service or at our favorite place to shop. Everyone in […]

Shopping Bags with Strategy

April 25, 2016 You might be wondering why a client relations guy is talking about shopping bags. Well the subject was brought up in one of our marketing strategy meetings this week. It started out as a way to identify some key points on what sets us apart from other companies that do what we […]

Let the Revolution Begin!!

Apr. 18, 2016 You might be wondering …what revolution? Is this guy crazy? Have you lost your mind? Well no….. We have discovered a product that will save the world of scotch tape residue!!! My first blog I wrote was on scotch tape residue and since then we have been looking at ways to break into […]

Are You Taking Advantage of the Downturn of the Economy?

Apr. 11, 2016 It has been my observation during the downturn in the economy that a lot of retail outlets do not take the downturn in the economy to boost their sales. In my lifetime so far, I have experienced two of these fluctuations in the price of oil and what we tend to see […]

Online Buying versus Purchasing Local

Apr. 4, 2016 This week my topic reflects the sign of the times for sure. With the new technology introduced over the past several years, we are becoming attached to the world of electronic transfer. If you take a look around you on a day-to-day basis everyone seems to be typing away on an electronic […]

My Take On… Up Sell… Cross Sell

March 29, 2016 Ok so I might not be the most experienced at this topic but we all encounter the “UPSELL” or “CROSS SELL” every day during our daily routines and shopping adventures. To me the art of the upsell is in the explanation of why we encourage our employees to do this. This is […]