Home Furnishing’s and Appliance Stores

Bringing Great Solutions For Your Creativity. Promote and display your stores with these great products, that will provide your retail areas noticeable and successful. It is vital to plan the visual que and creativity to display your merchandise, that will attract and maintain the ‘flow’ of customers and business. If customers don’t feel drawn to […]

5S Lean Methodology

With Organization, Comes Empowerment. When it comes to storage and keeping business under control, most of the time, people tend to be inattentive or, as a matter of fact, lazy. Usually a workplace will become more and more disorganized over time, especially when employees and managers are busy. This becomes stressful for workers who need […]

Diamon-Fusion International

All Clear and No Smear Glass Protection. See The Difference With Diamon-Fusion We know how hard it is to maintain glass to be squeaky clean, clear and transparent. It can be troublesome for everyone. Especially with traces of fingerprints, stains, corrosion, and other pollutants. At most times, even using a hazardous chemical agent such as […]

Vintage View

New! Get Exquisite Wine Storage with VintageView! Stock up your wine to be secured, efficient, and stylish. We are very pleased and excited to announce our new partnership with VintageView Wine Storage Systems, known for being the leader of label-forward. They provide a wide collection of modern and unique configurations in storage and racking solutions […]

Win or Lose

April 24, 2017 While driving to work this morning, I was listening to my favorite talk radio and the announcer was going on and on about how and why the Oilers lost the first game of the 7 game series against the Sharks. Now I am the kind of person who is always skeptical about […]

Open or Closed

Feb. 13, 2017 “We are Open – Come on in!” 😀 or “We are closed ….. Go Away!!!” 😡 I often wonder what store employees think of the simple Open/Closed sign. If you are behind that sign I bet you are thinking that being closed is far better than being open……. Right?  Well, I am […]

Supporting Local Business

January 16, 2017 I have often wondered what supporting local business means to me and how it affects my life and day-to-day activity. Working here at Westmount has given me some insight on this subject. Time and time again the local guy is faced with customers that have quotes or pricing from the internet or […]

Tis the Season to Reflect

Dec. 22, 2016 I would like to take this opportunity as the last Blog of the year to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and a Prosperous New Year!!! It has been a great year for Big B …being able to write a blog for Westmount has been one of my highlights working […]

Guest Blog: Falling Back on Time

November 14, 2016 On November 6 we fell back in time once again and gained a precious hour extra to sleep longer, play longer, and yes for some, even work longer. When I reflect on time, it seems to me there is never enough time in a day, week, month or year to get everything […]

Guest Blog: DFF: Design for the Future

Oct. 24, 2016 I had an idea I’d like to share. While cleaning my apartment, while watching my vacuum struggle with the carpeted stairs, I couldn’t help but curse at my younger self for not planning ahead and buying the better model vacuum. However, why would I have? I was young, struggling with the new […]